Native Houstonian, Trey Rummel, fell in love when he saw coffee being roasted for the first time during a 2016 summer trip to Seattle. He was mesmerized as he watched chemistry and physics applied for such a delicious end. Thus began months of researching and thinking about what it would look like to start a coffee roasting company. After much debate about whether or not this was actually a good idea, it was in late November of 2016 when he finally pulled the trigger and bought the roaster. It was sitting down with men who had graduated from a local addiction recovery program that finally pushed him over the edge. These men had incredible stories and had taken such tremendous and costly strides towards health, yet months had gone by since graduation and they were still without the employment they longed for. That's what we're about – coming alongside men and women coming out of addiction and incarceration, and giving them everything we've got for a better tomorrow. He's had the time of his life perfecting the art of roasting and chasing down this vision. Read about our first hire here.